Our History

The Educator started in Nigeria in 1998, when the founder, Dr. Eniabitobi Kuyinu was confronted with child sexual abuse and molestation. On this faithful day, she was in her prayer room at about 11 a.m. and looked out of the window, what she saw shocked her! She saw her security guard popularly called “Baba” leading a ten years old girl hawking peanuts for sale into his little gate house with a mischievous grin on his face.

She was afraid of the plans he had for this 10-year-old, imagine, he was over 50 years old. By the time she managed to reach the gatehouse from her apartment and opened the door forcefully, “Baba” had his pants down and had pulled down the leggings this young child was wearing and was about to have carnal knowledge of this precious child.

She was able to stop this evil act and return the girl to her guardian; this resulted in a new awareness of the exploitation and abuse of children and the birth of The Educator.  Dr. Kuyinu would invite girls from underprivileged homes to her home and love on them. She developed a curriculum called JOURNEY TO SELF-DISCOVERY which had different parts: Who am I; I and God, I and my creativity, I and my future, I and my home environment.

This program quickly grew and developed into a program for youths called FRANK-TALK. With the help of a board member Mrs. Abiodun Adebowale, groups of Youths were regularly hosted at event halls where they had frank discussions with Dr. Eniabitobi Kuyinu about their lives, sexual issues, and their future.

The Educator in Nigeria has evolved over the years to involve various projects, from outreach program in urban and rural communities, to the setting up of a youth resource center in Mushin, setting up of youth clubs in public secondary schools in Lagos, and training individuals on how to serve children better. The Educator was instrumental in the birth of The Wholistic Outreach Project (www.wholisticoutreachonline.com) for trafficked girls and abandoned pregnant teenagers and also in the birth of the hope center project Makoko (www.thehopecenterng.com).

To date The Educator Nigeria is focused on empowering youth and women to be the best they were created to be, working primarily with at-risk youths and women from poor, underserved communities. Also, The Educator through the Daysprings Training Institute provides world-class training for individuals in the helping profession and clergies. The Educator is also a partner with The Home of God’s Grace for Widows and Orphans (www.homeofgodsgrace.org)  and offers empowerment training, networking, and administrative support.

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I had a life changing experience at the discovery summer camp. My life and work with God were totally transformed into what I can’t really quantify. The encounter I had in one of the worship sessions has made a difference in my life.


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