Our passion is working with youths and women
who are from underserved communities. Sharing
the Heart of Christ with them through our service. .
Our desire is to break the cycle of poverty,
abuse and exploitation as we seek to develop
individuals to achieve their fullest potential in
God and build healthy families.
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Our mission

The Educator exist to empower individuals, families and communities to find ad fulfil purpose as designed by God.

The Educator is a not for profit organization committed to helping people find purpose and live fully in the different spheres of life: physically, mentally, socially, financially, and spiritually; we believe in holistic integration, and our passion lies in the restorative care of individuals, families and communities. We seek to meet the broken, abused, and underserved with humility, love, kindness and compassion. In addition we recognize we cannot serve alone, so we work to multiply helpers through our various training programs.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Educator is to empower and develop young people and women to become productive and relevant citizens while promoting premarital sexual integrity and good family values.

Our Values

Integrity, Hard work, Volunteerism, Excellence and Commitment



DTI Training Brochure

Certified courses by Dayspring Training institute.

I had a life changing experience at the discovery summer camp. My life and work with God were totally transformed into what I can’t really quantify. The encounter I had in one of the worship sessions has made a difference in my life.


...Building Lives Transforming Destinies