In this Tuesday, Aug. 2, 2016, photo, Terina McKinney works with Malian mud cloth for her fashion accessories and home decor items in Camden, N.J. When McKinney displays her works at luncheons and other events, black women are interested in her designs, and in her experience as an African-American business owner. But they don't necessarily make purchases. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)

Women OutreachPurple Lydia Project

The Purple Lydia Project (PLP) seeks to equip single mothers, widows and women and survivors of sexual trafficking and exploitation, especially those financially challenged with income-generating skills to ensure economic stability.

Objectives of PLP:

  1. To build the capacity of single mothers, widows unskilled girls and survivors of sexual trafficking and exploitation by providing them with skills training for income generation and a network through which their skills can be utilized
  2. To reduce the vulnerability of our target group through improvement of education, earning power, and sexual health
  3. To eradicate girl child trafficking for child labor by providing skilled persons to do the job of housekeeping and nanny
  4. To help inform and advocate policies for the prevention of child labor and sexual exploitation of girls.

Training Programs:

  • Beauty and hair care training
  • Nanny training & Childminding
  • Professional housekeeping training
  • Read and write in English Program

The Educator partners with various organizations reaching out to women like The Home of God’s Grace Ministry for Widows and Orphans (, and Women from the Hope Center Project in Makoko (

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